Birchwoood Knight



No false promises, no platitudes 

Just straight-talking advice that works

While Birchwood Knight won’t promise you a new, better role every time you talk to us, we can promise to listen and to match you to the right opportunities when we can.  And if we find them?  We’ll prepare you properly for every interview.  We’ll always keep you in the picture.  And we’ll make sure that any job we put you forward for is a great match. A match that will benefit you as much as it will the business in question. 

Why?  Because giving candidates a positive experience isn’t just the right thing to do; it also makes unequivocal business sense.  Birchwood Knight can’t provide its clients with exceptional search services without exceptional candidates. 

Who are we looking for? We conduct corporate affairs executive search for roles spanning media relations, internal communications, government affairs and public policy, financial communications, digital and speechwriting. 

So, if you are an experienced corporate affairs professional taking a step up to a more senior level; if you are already more senior but want to try something new; if you just want to understand why Birchwood Knight is different, and how we can help, please get in touch.