Birchwoood Knight




‘We listen’

When we pitch, when we take a brief, it’s about the client. If we’re talking then we’re not listening to what the client really needs. Only by actively listening and deeply understanding the context can we match the perfect candidate to the role.



‘We adapt’

Birchwood Knight isn’t a ‘one size fits nobody’ search company. We have a great process and we tailor it to each search because no two searches are identical. If we ever find ourselves turning the same handle we did last time, then we know we’ve got it wrong.



‘We look for future talent’

The corporate affairs function is changing, new skills are required. Birchwood Knight works hard to identify candidates who have these skills and the potential leadership qualities to be competing for the number one spot in the future. We’re looking forward ten years, not just focusing on who’s ‘made it’ already.