Birchwoood Knight

Executive search


Corporate affairs executive search at its best

We help you to find the best corporate affairs professionals in the market. These are the people who promote and protect the reputation of your business by engaging with the media, politicians, civil servants, investors, regulators, NGOs, customers and your employees.

We’re not magicians. No smoke and mirrors.  Just client experiences that reflect the values Birchwood Knight applies to all it does.  We set out ten years ago to break the mould of recruitment agencies in the communications sector.  And we have.  Now we’re doing the same for corporate affairs executive search. 

The value Birchwood Knight brings?  Market knowledge; a willingness to ask difficult questions and really listen; adaptability, while staying true to our high standards; and fantastic results.

So, if you are looking for an experienced communications professional; for a brilliant innovator about to take that step up to a senior role; or want to build a world class communications function by using our consulting services; or something else entirely - then we’re ready to help. 

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